Ready For Even BETTER Weight Loss Results On The Code Red Lifestyle?
Overcome Self-Sabotage, Dial In Your Success, And Amp Your Motivation Up To An All-Time High So You Can Get Your Weight Off Once And For All
Now that you’ve read The Code Red Revolution, let me ask you something...

You want to succeed?

I mean REALLY succeed?

Like, once and for all, never going back, get it freakin’ DONE?
Introducing: The Code Red Revolution Companion Workbook
My brand new workbook is designed to work in combination with The Code Red Revolution book to maximize your weight loss results.

I walk you through a powerful journey of self-discovery that includes overcoming negative, self-sabotaging thoughts, teaching you how to stay motivated, and revealing my best tips and tricks for remaining fully committed to losing your weight and keeping it off forever.
You don’t have to travel this path alone.

I’ll be with you every step of the way.

This workbook will help you:
  • ​Learn my best tricks for keeping your motivation roaring hotter than a Corvette engine
  • ​Give those destructive, sabotaging, negative voices in your head the boot so YOU can finally believe in yourself as much as I do (because when YOU believe in yourself, nothing and no one can stop you)
  • ​Discover ways you can cope with stressful situations so you don’t turn to food and derail your progress
  • ​Overcome emotional eating self-sabotage so your weight loss stays smooth and consistent (which means you reach goal weight even sooner!)
  • ​Identify and overcome sneaky mindsets that derail you even faster than cheating
...and a lot more!
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