The Mohawk and the Medical Maintenance

This group is for you!

Stay Accountable and Actually REMAIN at your goal weight.
with Cari & Cristy
CodeRed Certified Coach Andrea Dell
will support you as well!
and Andrea Dell
This is a paid membership group and this is what you get:
  • Accountability: you turn in your weight to your Coaches each Friday and they will keep track of your maintenance.
  • ​Coaching call: Once a week, your Coaches will be live in the page answering your questions, troubleshooting problems and providing coaching for each one of you. They will also comment on your maintenance.
  • ​Access to your Coaches. They will interact with you on the page each day, answering comments, questions, concerns, etc…
  • ​Live video each day: Your Coaches will encourage, uplift and support you.
  • ​Tips and tricks: did you know that putting lemon or lime in your water will help you drink more? Need suggestions for sleep aids that will help you sleep? Need help ordering at a restaurant? Your Coaches will provide you with many tips and tricks.
BEFORE YOU BUY, watch this:
Month-to-month: $97
3 months: $247 (saves $44)
6 months: $397 (saves $185)
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