Why do I keep turning to food and sabotaging my weight loss every time life gets hard?
Tell me: Do any of these sound like you?

You're sitting in your car in the parking lot after a food binge, sinking into a black pit of guilt and shame as you wonder how you let it happen...

You had a rotten day at work, a screaming match with your spouse, or the kids are being difficult, and you dive for the junk food because you'll go crazy if you don't...

You unconsciously sneak "just one bite here" and "just one bite there" when you're putting away the leftovers...

Your kids eat 4 bites and run off to play, so you pick at their plates until every morsel is gone...

You feel guilty leaving food on your plate, even if you're stuffed, because you were raised to "clean your plate"...
Then you need to hear what I'm about to say.
Look, I get it. I used to have an unhealthy relationship with food, too.

It was a crutch. A reward for enduring tough times. A way to take my mind off something that was really bugging me.

And then there's my clients.

"Cristy, my husband's in the ICU and I just couldn't stop myself from raiding the vending machine! I feel horrible! Why did I do this?"

"Cristy, my kids have the flu and they're puking every hour! I haven't slept all night and I ate half a tub of ice cream trying to cope with all this stress. Why couldn't I stop?"
The worst part about turning to food in tough times is the emotional self-torture you put yourself through...because you don't understand WHY.

But I don't want that for you. You deserve better.
Are you ready to finally understand the reasons behind your self-sabotage so you can stay on track and free yourself from that exhausting spiral of guilt and shame once and for all?
That's why I'm beyond excited to offer you a BRAND NEW video series available ONLY to Rebels like you, who have proven they're ready to take their lives back.

It’s called "What’s Eating You."

My dad and licensed professional counselor, Larry Terherst, MS, LCPC, created 4 life-transforming videos just for you, to help you uncover the cause of your frustrating eating self-sabotage.
Here's what you get
  • Four eye-opening videos led by my dad and licensed professional counselor Larry Terherst, MS, LCPC.
  • ​Breakthrough assignments with each video to keep you on track and help you solve the frustrating mystery of “what’s eating you.”
  • Everything you need to uncover why you are sabotaging yourself, AND how to stop it once and for all, so you can get your weight off and KEEP it off forever.
  •  The tools and confidence to kick your self-sabotage (and the guilt and shame that come with it) out of your life, once and for all.
Here are the powerful topics of each video:

VIDEO 1: Emotional Eating

VIDEO 2: The Cycle of Unhealthy Behavior + Emotional Eating Continued

VIDEO 3: 1-2-3 EVERYBODY CHANGE!...Yeah, Right

VIDEO 4: What Is Success? 
Dad's already had AMAZING success helping my custom program clients, using the strategies he shares in these videos.

And now you can experience the same life-transforming breakthroughs for yourself.

If you're finally ready to discover exactly WHY you're doing what you're doing when it comes to food, plus learn how to kick those frustrating habits to the curb once and for all, just click the button below that says "Yes Cristy, I'm Ready!"
This is an EXCLUSIVE offer available only to Rebels liked you, who have proven they are serious about taking their lives back.
I want you to have every possible advantage....both on the Code Red Lifestyle and in the amazing life you have ahead of you.

Dad's videos will help you get there. I know, because they've already helped so many of my clients.

So if you're ready to break food’s death grip on your heart and mind...

...and you're ready to get the weight off ONCE AND FOR ALL...

...then click the "I AM READY!" button below and let’s make it happen cap’n! 
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